The Sentiment Behind the Name Of Our "Bungo Head Wrap.

Most of the names of the head wraps in our first collection are named after women that inspire me. However, the "Bungo" is actually named after an important gentleman in my life. It is named after my Godfather in Ifa .

His title is Ifa Tosin. His government name is William. Since childhood he has always been called Billy Bungo, or just Bungo for short. He said he got the name "Bungo" for his skills on the drums, specifically the djembe. Go to Youtube and see for yourself! Just type in Billy Bungo and check him out!

With him being an Ifa priest, the colors green and yellow are significant. They represent the Orisha Orunmilla. When I saw this fabric I was immediately drawn to it. When I made the first head wrap, I knew then I was going to name it the "Bungo".

Now my Godfather had no idea I was naming a head wrap after him. I posted a picture of the fabric on social media. He called to tell me how much he liked that fabric, the print, and the colors. I laughed and told him "That one will be called the Bungo". That made his day...


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