The Artist and Her Muse

Let me introduce myself. 

I'm The Artist, Rene' Holiday. I also go by the name OsunFemi if you're in the Orisha community. I make the head wraps. I style the head wraps. I'm completely obsessed with head wraps. 

My Muse? Oh that's my Mini Me, my daughter Zoe Rene'. She's gorgeous (am I being partial? YES!) and she fears me more than Jesus. Saying no to a photoshoot could be detrimental to her health. I also can't deny the fact that the melanin in her skin is perfect for the bright colors of the wraps and her smile is infectious (being partial again).

Together we make up the duo of Sunflowers & Honey Pot's. When I'm not working in the studio, you will often find me dragging my poor kid around Los Angeles, taking pictures of her in my various head wrap creations. We've had some pretty hot days in LA this summer. Zoe has been a trooper and delivers every single HOT unbearable shoot. 

Tune in, as I will be sharing more behind the scenes of Sunflowers & Honey Pot's. I'm just an Artist/Stylist with a cool & crazy vision. Changing the world one head wrap at a time. Bringing my kid along for the ride.


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