Rabb Nation: Behind Every Head Wrap There's a Story...


Oh my goodness, where do I even begin! The Rabb Nation Collection is my entire heart. If you've been following me for a while, you will frequently see me refer to my Cyber Fam. They are the Rabb family in Minnesota. If you check out the blog post- "It's All About Keani", it tells you how we met and connected.

Rebecca and Dante Rabb have three of the coolest kids on the planet! Keani (13), Kennedy (better known as Suge 10), and Kierce (8). They have swag, personality, and they are gorgeous! They've been wearing and supporting Sunflowers & Honey Pot's from Day 1.

RecentlyI had a thought: "Do a collaboration with Cyber Fam!" So I reached out to Rebecca and ran the idea by her. Asked her to ask the kids if they would like to collaborate on a collection. They LOVED the idea! My only prerequisite was for the print to include all of their favorite colors. The beautiful print you see is what they selected.

It is beautiful, it is perfect.

The name Rabb Nation is the name both Rebecca and Dante use when they write posts about their kids on their social media. This is a family of athletes, scholars, and activists. They are inspiring!

If the gorgeous kids and stellar family weren't enough, Rebecca is also a photojournalist. Who better to photograph them wearing the Rabb Nation Collection? This is her beautiful photography you see in this post.

I'm going to stop here, and finish this post in Rebecca's words. She recently wrote a post for Small Business Saturday, that focused on the Rabb Nation Collection and Sunflowers & Honey Pots. It is beautifully written, and gives you insight on the Rabb Nation Collection from the Rabb family perspective.

Thank you Keani, Suge, and Kierce for collaborating with me on this collection. It is beautiful and unique, just like you guys. You understood the assignment and made me proud.

Auntie Loves you!


It’s small business Saturday!!!! Let me tell you about something we are SO incredibly proud and honored to be a part of!!

Sunflowers & Honey Pots collaborated with our kids to create the Rabb Nation line!!
Included are their favorite colors- yellow, blue, and green…the pattern they liked most because it’s like a puzzle- unique. Like them. Three kids with 3 personalities… all in one design.
We are incredibly thankful for our kids cyber Aunty for including them in something so special 💜
Rene Holiday thank you so so so much
*not pictured is the hat and clip.. photos to come! Check out Sunflowers & Honey Pots and support small business!
~Rebecca Rabb


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