It's ALL About The "Keani"!

If you follow us on social media, you will recognize this beautiful little girl- Keani! After receiving a picture of her in our "Rita" wrap I was moved beyond words. Seeing this beautiful young queen proudly embrace her African heritage made me feel a certain kind of way. I was touched, seriously touched. I reached out to her mother to talk about collaborating with her on a headwrap.

Keani was beyond excited to join forces. I was told her favorite colors are blue and purple. I spent a few hours looking at different fabrics I thought she might like. I wanted something that definitely radiated her energy. What you see Miss Keani wearing is what SHE selected, and it is absolutely gorgeous! The colors are vibrant, and the patterns are stunning. 

I sent Miss Keani her headwrap, before I made it available on the site. Rebecca, her mother, got her on video as she opened her surprise. Her reaction was priceless. You can check it out below. Thank you Miss Keani for being the beautiful, proud young queen that you are. Always stay true to yourself. Thank you again for collaborating with me and selecting this beautiful fabric for the "Keani" headwrap.





  • Juanita Wheeler I’m happy to hear you were inspired by this post!

    Rene'- owner of Sunflowers & Honey Pots
  • This is so inspiring! I love the head wrap,and I like to wrap my head sometimes because,after Chemo,some of my hair never grew back!

    Juanita Wheeler

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